The night before yesterday turned to day, I sat alone under a plum tree.

Watching time slowly pass, watching as death approached.

Sun setting on crisp evenings brings us nearer to our creator.

I wonder, why are we here? We’re killing our mother, filling her blue lungs with toxic smoke,Contaminating her with muck, her crimson fluid slowly grinding to a halt.

We push on, concrete stacks pushing white smoke skyward,Suffocating timber, melting caps, destroying all in our path.

Sacrificing the lives of the many, to fatten the pockets of the few.In the name of liberty, we force our beliefs on a nation.In the name of peace, we come  home in bags. In the name of freedom, we steal the oil.

A Nation divided against its self red and blue, we follow like Capitalist zombies.

Blinded by the millionaire’s inept son, and his merry band of evildoers.