From her prospective it was alright to do things that would other wise be considered wrong. Right and wrong was a point of view, depending on who you were nothing more.

Who decided what was right or wrong anyway she thought. Rich people did things that hurt and devastated people all the time but rarely ever had to answer for it, why should she?

To them it was just part of doing business, and that’s all this was… business. She looked at Mitchy laying on the bed with a black handled ice pick sticking out of his chest.

His eyes glossy and vacant like a dead fish staring blindly at her, his mouth frozen half-open caught in mid scream at the very moment death-cold and silent snatched the life from his body.

If there was an after life old Mitchy was probably still trying to figure out how he’d got there. He never saw it coming, and after she plunged the ice pick into his chest he just laid there screaming, staring at her, what an odd thing she thought.

Kara had laid next to him for a half an hour, not hearing him as he whimpered and groaned, and then as if some one had pulled the plug, the room fall silent. She hadn’t plan to do Mitchy, she kinda like him but just like most men she had known he turned out to be more trouble then he was worth.

“So, off to the after life for you Mitchy, I promise you won’t be lonely.” Kara said as she cleaned out his wallet. She almost felt guilty for having to do him, but Mitch had brought it all on himself. He had thought he could take what he wanted from her and she would have little to say about it… wrong.

Kara paused and looked at him for a second she was tempted to close his eyes, but instead she placed her hand gently under his chin and closed his mouth, now it looked as if he were staring at her pouting it almost made her laugh.

She tucked the bills about eight dollars in her front pocket and drop the wallet down on Mitchy’s chest. She started for the door then stopped as if she had forgotten something.
” Shit”, she snapped her fingers and walked back over to the bed and Mitchy and yanks the ice pick out of his chest.
” I might need you later,” She said to the ice pick as she wiped Mitchy’s blood off on the bed spread.
” Well, that’s, that,” She dropped the ice pick into her bag and started for the door.
” Nice knowing you Mitchy.” She said on her way out the door.



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