I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched the net looking for information on a subject only to be bored out of my mind or disappointed by the video or article when I find it. Tired of the disappointment I thought I would write an article on the subject. When I’m searching for information on a subject this is what I want to find it.

1. I want it to be engaging,
2. I want it to be easy to understand
3. I want it fast

Often the so-called experts make the subject boring and speak in jargon that we don’t understand, and as if that weren’t bad enough they often take way too long to get to the point. Basically what I have discovered is that there are three things people want when they seek out a tutorial video or article and here they are.

Make it entertaining:

Obvious you would think but not so. It’s amazing to me how many tutorial videos out there are boring and mundane. You don’t have to jump through hoops, but at the very minimal try to keep it interesting.

Make the subject less complicated:

That doesn’t mean talk down to people, but it does mean speak in a way that the layman can understand. Make it digestible for the masses. If people have to try to figure out the information as you are giving it, they’ll just find what they need from someplace else.

Get to the point:
Introduce yourself and get to it. No one wants to hear personal stories or jokes. They’re seeking information, give it to them. Time is of the essences.