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A note to the Trump supporter



Ways to overcoming writer’s block. Here are three sure-fire tips that will get you writing in no time. These tips for overcoming writers block will help get you back to writing easily and quickly. Having trouble writing is nothing new. I would venture to say that every writer at some point in his/her careers has had to face it.

  1. Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

I know there are many theories when it comes to this topic. Some do not even believe that there is such a thing while others believe the only way to beat it is to grind your way through it.

First off, let me say that in my opinion I believe that it is quite real, at least it was to me when I was going through it. As for the grind your way through it method, I do not believe it works. If the creative juices are not flowing, then they are not flow I do not see how forcing one’s self to stare at a blank screen is helping the process, but that’s just me.

I am more of a coax the process along kind of person. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away, take a break from the project for a day or two if you can. I believe you try the simplest methods first and then you work from there.

There isn’t anything simpler then closing the laptop and taking a well-deserved break. Give your brain a rest and focus on other things for a day or two, then come back fresh and renewed. It is simple, but effective.

  1. End writer’s block Tip

Free writing if you are experiencing writer’s block you may think not being able to write is the problem, so how I am I going to write? Free writing is less about writing then it is about getting your creative juices flowing.

Throughout the years what I have learned is that usually writing is not the problem. The problem most likely is getting started. One way around the getting started problem is to free write. This is how it works; get a piece of paper and without filtering your thoughts write down the first words that comes to mind.

Make a list of 10 or 20 words and before you know, it the juices will be flowing again and you will be writing. I know it sounds simple, but it works.

  1. Guide for Overcoming Writer’s Block Tip

Take some time off and get some fresh air. Writing is a very solitary process and most writers spend a lot of time alone and in their own head. This can stifle the creative process.

Go outside, go visit with friends and family; forget about what you are working on for a little while. You will be amazed at the difference taking a little time off can make. These are just a few of the tips that worked for me hopefully they work for you.




The day after has come America, and now we know the type of country we are

A nation exposed for all to see,

A façade, of righteousness and moral fortitude

Sullied by the indignation of the ignorant and the arrogant

Bold and brash, stripping away the faint illusion of graciousness

The false proclamation that all are created equal, and that we are all free

The nation has spoken make no mistake about it, and the world was listening

And the path that was chosen was the darkest.

We have chosen fear over hope.  Hate and bigotry over love and respect

We have turn back toward the past instead of forging ahead to a brighter future.

The day after has come America, and we are now a lesser nation today then we were yesterday.




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the writer

The writing process is brutal, but I love it.


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Last night I went on Amazon searching for new authors to read and what I found was a little disheartening. After about thirty minutes of wading through samples of stories that might have been better served being rewritten or edited, I gave up. This isn’t the first time I have had this experience. Please don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of very good writers coming out, and for the most part my experiences have been good, I just think that there should be some sort of quality filter that one must go through in order to post to some of these self-publishing sites.

The urge to publish and be read can sometimes hurt the quality of the product that is flooding the market.  Trust me, I’m not throwing stones at anyone I’m sure I’m guilty of this as well. I understand the unstoppable urge to put something before it Is ready. I think it taints the industry as a whole and makes it harder for those who are serious about writing to be taken seriously.

Taken as a whole I believe self-publishing one’s own work is a good thing; it allows some very talented writers to be read that might not have had the opportunity otherwise. Self-publishing gives the writer more control and is virtually free to do which are good things. The flip side of that is the lack of quality control, which means almost anyone with a computer can write and publish their own work, rather it be good or bad and this of course floods the market making it harder to find talented writers to read. Yesterday, as I searched I read a lot of samples that looked like first drafts.

I honestly think that there should be a threshold that needs to be met. I’m talking about a review board not there to reject works, but to enhance and offer support. Most of the samples weren’t bad they just seemed rushed. Let me reiterate, I think self-publishing Is a great opportunity for writers, but I do think that there should be a minimum threshold that should be met before anything goes to the market. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know what you think.


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A memory faded


Becoming shades of Gray


Trapped in a vacuum


Neither here nor there


A wanderer, wandering


From place to empty space


A spectator to life


Watching from the other side of the glass.




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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve searched the net looking for information on a subject only to be bored out of my mind or disappointed by the video or article when I find it. Tired of the disappointment I thought I would write an article on the subject. When I’m searching for information on a subject this is what I want to find it.

1. I want it to be engaging,
2. I want it to be easy to understand
3. I want it fast

Often the so-called experts make the subject boring and speak in jargon that we don’t understand, and as if that weren’t bad enough they often take way too long to get to the point. Basically what I have discovered is that there are three things people want when they seek out a tutorial video or article and here they are.

Make it entertaining:

Obvious you would think but not so. It’s amazing to me how many tutorial videos out there are boring and mundane. You don’t have to jump through hoops, but at the very minimal try to keep it interesting.

Make the subject less complicated:

That doesn’t mean talk down to people, but it does mean speak in a way that the layman can understand. Make it digestible for the masses. If people have to try to figure out the information as you are giving it, they’ll just find what they need from someplace else.

Get to the point:
Introduce yourself and get to it. No one wants to hear personal stories or jokes. They’re seeking information, give it to them. Time is of the essences.

Surviving America


If a young man can be murder in cold blood, and lets call it what it is MURDER, and no one is held accountable what’s next? The message is loud and clear, you don’t matter.

Your life is worth less, and you are on your own. Don’t expect the police to help,( They had to be forced to arrest the coward). Don’t expect the system to help you.

If buying candy and a soda is grounds for murder and not one soul has to pay what are we to think? I’m disgusted and ashamed by those people on they jury.

I’m not saying they had to max the coward out, but to say that he was innocent, that killing an unarmed young man with only a bag of candy in his hands is justified is an abomination.

I couldn’t believe my ears, for a minute I thought this is how it must have felt for blacks people back in 1950’s Mississippi, but here we are in 2013 and clearly nothing has changed.

Here is some food for thought the next time you see a young black man or spanish young man or any other young man of color with a pistol tucked in his belt, before you criticize him you might want to ask yourself… why?

Before you answer think about that over zealous trigger happy coward, who will be sleeping in his own bed tonight notching his pistol handle. Think about that clueless jury who allowed that young man’s death to be in vain.

Think about the message that every person of color received after that verdict. The message was sent and heard loud and clear going to the store for candy and a soda is justifiable grounds for some coward with a gun to murder you and as far as the system is concern…it okay.

So when you see that young man with his pistol tucked in his belt, the odds are it may not be to rob, but to survive.

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Hooking Up & Sexting


The trend of teenagers sexting, sending nude pictures of themselves, and hooking up for causal sex seems to be on the rise. Why that is, I can only venture to guess.

I believe with most teens having their own cell phones, and computers it’s just easier to do and get away with. Another reason could be the bad economy. Parents are working longer hours to    try to make ends meet leaving these teens to their own devices.

Another reason could simple be peer pressure from a boyfriend or girl friend. For whatever reason teen sexting and causally hooking up seems to be on the rise. The perils of these activities seems to elude them. They don’t seem to grasp the seriousness and potential danger sexting and causal hooking up can be ,particularly for young women. Aside from the un wanted pregnancies, there’s the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, rape, kidnapping, and in some cases even murder.

The results of a teen sexting and causally hooking up potentially has the power to causes serious problems later in life for some of these teens, with relationships, family, and in some cases potential employers.I think we as a society can start to discuss this growing problem by providing these teens information about the dangers of causal sex and sexting. It may not solve the problem but it’s a start.

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