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A note to the Trump supporter



Ways to overcoming writer’s block. Here are three sure-fire tips that will get you writing in no time. These tips for overcoming writers block will help get you back to writing easily and quickly. Having trouble writing is nothing new. I would venture to say that every writer at some point in his/her careers has had to face it.

  1. Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block

I know there are many theories when it comes to this topic. Some do not even believe that there is such a thing while others believe the only way to beat it is to grind your way through it.

First off, let me say that in my opinion I believe that it is quite real, at least it was to me when I was going through it. As for the grind your way through it method, I do not believe it works. If the creative juices are not flowing, then they are not flow I do not see how forcing one’s self to stare at a blank screen is helping the process, but that’s just me.

I am more of a coax the process along kind of person. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to walk away, take a break from the project for a day or two if you can. I believe you try the simplest methods first and then you work from there.

There isn’t anything simpler then closing the laptop and taking a well-deserved break. Give your brain a rest and focus on other things for a day or two, then come back fresh and renewed. It is simple, but effective.

  1. End writer’s block Tip

Free writing if you are experiencing writer’s block you may think not being able to write is the problem, so how I am I going to write? Free writing is less about writing then it is about getting your creative juices flowing.

Throughout the years what I have learned is that usually writing is not the problem. The problem most likely is getting started. One way around the getting started problem is to free write. This is how it works; get a piece of paper and without filtering your thoughts write down the first words that comes to mind.

Make a list of 10 or 20 words and before you know, it the juices will be flowing again and you will be writing. I know it sounds simple, but it works.

  1. Guide for Overcoming Writer’s Block Tip

Take some time off and get some fresh air. Writing is a very solitary process and most writers spend a lot of time alone and in their own head. This can stifle the creative process.

Go outside, go visit with friends and family; forget about what you are working on for a little while. You will be amazed at the difference taking a little time off can make. These are just a few of the tips that worked for me hopefully they work for you.


I have appreciated the support I have received in the past from the many talented writers and artist in the past years that I have been allowed to express myself artistically on WordPress.

I am not much for self-promotion, so I will keep this brief. I am excited to announce the release of my recently published a book of poems “The Obvious Sound of Noise is Silence”

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Thank you all in advance, and keep writing. ebook/dp/B06XD6QKH8 

The Mintz







The day after has come America, and now we know the type of country we are

A nation exposed for all to see,

A façade, of righteousness and moral fortitude

Sullied by the indignation of the ignorant and the arrogant

Bold and brash, stripping away the faint illusion of graciousness

The false proclamation that all are created equal, and that we are all free

The nation has spoken make no mistake about it, and the world was listening

And the path that was chosen was the darkest.

We have chosen fear over hope.  Hate and bigotry over love and respect

We have turn back toward the past instead of forging ahead to a brighter future.

The day after has come America, and we are now a lesser nation today then we were yesterday.




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youth-football 2

Playing football on a team was all I thought about as a kid. From the moment I woke up until I closed my eyes to sleep at night. I was nine years old when I was introduced to the game and I have loved it ever since. I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood. A melting pot of ethnicities, white, black, Yugoslavian, Albanians, you name it and they lived there. It wasn’t uncommon to catch the sweet smell of Potica (Yugoslavian Bread) coming from one of the small houses on Ferry Street as we passed on our way home from elementary school. There weren’t many officials’ parks in our neighborhood, but for us that was okay we would simply find an open lot and toss the ball around until dusk fell on the small universe that was our neighborhood.

One by one we would hear our mother’s voices ring out in the distance calling us home for dinner; bath, and then bed. I was small, and at the time not particularly fast, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I had the heart of a lion and my dream was to don the helmet of the Hamtramck Chancellors and that’s what I was going to do. Tryouts were held on Saturday at 9:00 am at Keyworth stadium. Keyworth was a towering concrete stadium with a tunnel and home team and away team showers, it was a big deal.

Most of our opponents played on grass lots, but the Chancellors played in a stadium. As we pulled into the parking lot I remember being struck by the massive number kids trying out. The energy was high, footballs were zipping back and forth, and young men from all over were buzzing about trying to make a good impression on the coaches. This was a cattle call, all the neighborhood super stars had gathered to fight for the forty-five slots on the rooster. My stomach tightened with nerves, and my mouth went dry and pasty and I remember wanting to turn around and run. My father, sensing my nervousness gave me a gentle pat on the shoulder and said,

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want too. It’s up to you.”

“But dad,” I said as I looked at a host of boys tossing the ball around near our truck. “What about the forty dollars?”

“Don’t worry about the money. I just want you to do what makes you happy.”

I thought about it for a minute then got out of the truck. The chattering, and the smell of the freshly cut grass was overwhelming. I then walk across the parking lot and joined the long line of boys signing up. The tryouts took a few hours, but at the end of the day I received my helmet and jersey. I was overjoyed, I was a member of the Hamtramck Chancellors.

The End

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In this paper I have been asked to distinguish between what it means for a person to have or to say what their personal philosophy may be and how it may inform their beliefs and attitudes towards the world and others and how that relates to the actual meaning of the word in its truest definition. My belief is that most people mistake their beliefs and the influences as being their philosophy when in fact this would be closer to their ideology than any particular philosophy they may or may not have. Ideology refers a person or groups set of beliefs, guidelines which dictate how they respond and behave in every situation, according to the accepted rules of that particular group. Philosophy refers to looking at life in a pragmatic manner and attempting to understand why life is as it is and the principles governing behind it.

   My personal philosophy is that we are all cosmically connected and the smallest effects can have the biggest consequences. Unlike Kant, I believe that the mind is without limited and can provide us with experiences independent of our senses. I don’t need to touch a tree’s bark to know that it has a rough surface. I can look at a cake or a slice of pizza and almost taste it if I think about it long enough without having to experience actual going to a bakery or pizza parlor. Kant believed that all our possible experience must conform to these SAPs. The SAPs include location in space and time, causality experiencing self, thingness, identity, and various mathematical notions  I believe the opposite. When I look out my window at the tree in my front yard, I know that it is more than just a collection of shades and shadows “justified true belief.” I would have to say that my personal philosophy would be close to that of a rationalist the view that regards reason as the chief source and test of knowledge. Holding that reality itself has an inherently logical structure. I disagree with the Empiricist philosophy David Hume, that no sensation supports the notion of necessary connection between cause and effect. I believe in cause and effect. My example would be the affect a full moon has on the tides in the oceans. Things happen for a reason and there is always a reason why things happen the way that they do. Rather we experience it or even know about it doesn’t negate the fact that it happened.

When a tree falls in the woods, I believe it makes a sound rather anyone is there to hear the sound or not. I also disagree with his notion that there is no immediate intellectual intuition of self. The concept of “self” is not supported by sensations.  In contrast with Descartes, “I think therefore I am.” Hume believed that we don’t really exist in the way that we believe that we do at all. He believed that we were nothing more than a collection of senses coming together to give us the illusion that we exist. To this I say rather the world around us exits or rather we are just brains in a vat we are having an experience it may not be a true experience but an experience non the same. It’s like being on one of those simulation rides at Disney. You get on and they strap you in then the ride begins. And although you are not moving in any real way your experience is the same as if you were. Our minds are limitless, like in the movies the Matrix, and Inception, or even the Disney ride rather we are just a brain in a jar or strapped into a seat at Disney if our mind interprets the experience as being real for all intense and purposes the experience is real.

Surviving America


If a young man can be murder in cold blood, and lets call it what it is MURDER, and no one is held accountable what’s next? The message is loud and clear, you don’t matter.

Your life is worth less, and you are on your own. Don’t expect the police to help,( They had to be forced to arrest the coward). Don’t expect the system to help you.

If buying candy and a soda is grounds for murder and not one soul has to pay what are we to think? I’m disgusted and ashamed by those people on they jury.

I’m not saying they had to max the coward out, but to say that he was innocent, that killing an unarmed young man with only a bag of candy in his hands is justified is an abomination.

I couldn’t believe my ears, for a minute I thought this is how it must have felt for blacks people back in 1950’s Mississippi, but here we are in 2013 and clearly nothing has changed.

Here is some food for thought the next time you see a young black man or spanish young man or any other young man of color with a pistol tucked in his belt, before you criticize him you might want to ask yourself… why?

Before you answer think about that over zealous trigger happy coward, who will be sleeping in his own bed tonight notching his pistol handle. Think about that clueless jury who allowed that young man’s death to be in vain.

Think about the message that every person of color received after that verdict. The message was sent and heard loud and clear going to the store for candy and a soda is justifiable grounds for some coward with a gun to murder you and as far as the system is concern…it okay.

So when you see that young man with his pistol tucked in his belt, the odds are it may not be to rob, but to survive.

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ImageThese two sculptors are dissimilar in almost every way. From the method from which they were formed to there colors. Black Cat is full- round three-dimensional piece meant to be view from any angle. Black Cat also has a smooth texture where Brass Cat’s texture appears to be a rougher.

Black Cat’s artist has chosen not to represent the form of the cat in a realistic way, although the sculpture clearly has some cat-like features, the ears, the eyes, etc, the over all results seems to be to catch the essence of the cat more so then a true representation of one.

Sitting on a pedestal, Black Cat has no visible limbs, and denotes a seriousness; which is in direct contrast to Brass Cat’s posturing.

Brass cat on the other hand has an air of playfulness. This Linear piece is a more realistic representation of the form of a cat. The wires from which it is formed seem light and pliable.

The positioning of the limps spread out in a playful position as if the kitten is ready to pounce at any moment is a direct contradiction to the stoicism of Black Cat.

Although they are both cat sculptures the feel of the two pieces could not be more different. Where as with Brass Cat you might get the feeling that it is okay to touch it or be close to it Black Cat gives off a more formal feel like it should be viewed from a distance or from behind glass.





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