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Where they are

Is where I need to be

Where the sun shines gold and high

Above the rising sea

To a distant shore

Where dreams are not dreams

So far away

Among the shimmering gold

Of tomorrows light

For a little while





Text copyright©2015 by Lucius Wilson
Illustrations copyright© Lucius Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


My pen is my weapon

Words are my ammunition

Knowledge is my power



Few could know the darkest hour

That comes into the light

Exposing the gray mood

That hides its purpose from the hearts that turned

The world into a place that would not love.


All rights Reserved©2015





The Kiss.jpg


I will come whichever way I can,

Driven by hope, by desire, and by fate

To see you, to touch you, to love you

 I will come

Whichever way I can,

I will come.


All Rights Reserved©2015



 Rising memories fading with  light

 A stranger in tomorrow’s night

Thundering pain in my head

A wicked beast, so vicious and dead

The carnal glazes that covers me

What  tangled web of lust we weave

All Rights Reserved©2015

Not Love


Tenderness Away

Was Innocence’s

An Idiots idea






All Rights Reserved©2015
Illustration Copyright Reserved©2015

pouring wine

Fear of the pint

Lengthened by fear

The fury rattled loudly

On Old Taylor Road





All Rights Reserved©2015




The corn cob man

Strange and aloof

Was the misconception

To hide his contempt




All Rights Reserved©2015

Face Down


Face down

Is what it feels like

No turning back

In her minds eyes

The flickering light stops

All Rights Reserved©2015


My sister changes her Facebook profile picture every few days sometimes every few hours. It annoys me for some reason I don’t really know why, but it does.

I’ve tried to hide it from my Facebook wall or whatever they call it. I’ve done everything short of unfriending her. Finally, I had, had enough and I asked her why she did it.

I don’t know if it was my tone or how I phrased the question. Nonetheless she was offended and now she doesn’t talk to me anymore. She doesn’t accept my calls, and now she has even unfriended me on Facebook. Now, I can’t see her profile pictures anymore, I miss them.

All Rights Reserved©2015