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the smiths


What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that

Interesting is how they described her face

Sharp jaw and high cheek boned

Eyes the color of melting caramel

Hair shades of light and dark brown

Windblown and tussled around her elfin face

She wasn’t beautiful, so they say

Not in the conventional way, anyway

It lay behind her narrow brown specks

Hidden behind her broad red smile

Between her light and dark moods

What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that.


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Illustration© All Rights Reserved 2016





Where they are

Is where I need to be

Where the sun shines gold and high

Above the rising sea

To a distant shore

Where dreams are not dreams

So far away

Among the shimmering gold

Of tomorrows light

For a little while





Text copyright©2015 by Lucius Wilson
Illustrations copyright© Lucius Wilson. All Rights Reserved.


My pen is my weapon

Words are my ammunition

Knowledge is my power

The Kiss.jpg


I will come whichever way I can,

Driven by hope, by desire, and by fate

To see you, to touch you, to love you

 I will come

Whichever way I can,

I will come.


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 Rising memories fading with  light

 A stranger in tomorrow’s night

Thundering pain in my head

A wicked beast, so vicious and dead

The carnal glazes that covers me

What  tangled web of lust we weave

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Not Love


Tenderness Away

Was Innocence’s

An Idiots idea






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Illustration Copyright Reserved©2015

pouring wine

Fear of the pint

Lengthened by fear

The fury rattled loudly

On Old Taylor Road





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Early evening had fallen and the few lights that burned behind closed shades had begun to glow warm and yellow.  Barely audible voices whispered on the howling December winds. This was Detroit. The ghetto.

Her beauty stripped away by years of corruption and abuse the great city now bucked under the weight of her own excesses, and like the pancaked made up face of an aging Hollywood Scarlett she was nothing more than a shadow of her former self.

The house was small a barely standing wood framed seated between a burnt out apartment building and an empty lot that had become the unofficial trash dump of the neighborhood.  The unfortunate few who remained glided about like ghost trapped in purgatory.

The back door banged open and Lizzy, a girl of fifteen stepped out of the darkness and onto the wooden back porch. She worn a tattered parka and a torn pink night dress which was covered in blood. She slowly made her way down the rickety back stairs and walked to the center of the lot behind the house.

Lizzy stared at the house her eyes wide and vacant. She absently dropped the dirty gym shoes she had been carrying to the ground and slipped her bare feet into them without looking down. In her other hand she held an ice pick. The black handle shiny and slick from blood.

The tale of her harsh life could be read in her limpid eyes.  Beauty for some girls was a fortunate gift, a blessing from god, a proverbial magic wand that held a mysterious power over men. Some girls wielded their wands as expertly as a ninja with a samurai sword slicing and dicing their way through life. This had not been the case for Lizzy, her beauty was no blessing.

She was small for her age with black curls that gently framed her narrow elfin face she was the perfect combination of innocence and libidinous, a Lolita.  Low hanging fruit there for the taking by the sharks that constantly swam back and forth in front of the tiny house, they could smell the blood in the water. Lizzy stood shivering like a wet puppy in the middle of the wind swept parcel listening …  a dog barking in the distance … sporadic traffic nearby, then nothing.

She cocked her head to the side and closed her eyes and tried to listen harder.  Imagines of Rico, a massive biker type on top of her breathing heavy slobbering and grunting until his white lighting exploded from within him.

Lizzy slowly opened her eyes and took a few timorous steps toward the house and stopped the unmistakable creaking of floor boards froze her like a deer caught in headlights.  A loud crash came from the house and the massive figure of Rico darken the doorway.

His eyes were almost glowing with fury. He staggered forward using the door frame as leverage. A half a dozen carmine stains dotted the front of his white tee shirt.

Lizzy began to back away shaking her head as if trying to wake herself from a nightmare. He slowly pointed at her like Frankenstein from an old fifties B movie.

“You bitch!” He lurched forward. “You fucking little Bitch!” Rico teetered forward and lost his balance and rolled down the stairs.

He landed at the bottom with a thud. Lizzy stepped back. No longer afraid she watched him like a cat might a doomed mouse.

“Get back over here. Where you going?”

“Nowhere.” She said calmly. He coughed and spite a globe of blood onto the ground.

“Help me Lizzy.” He gasped. “I’m not mad. I promise.”

“You promise? You’re not mad at me for what I did to you?” She asked sweetly as she moved toward him and knelt just out of his arms reach.

“I swear.” He suddenly lunged at her. “I’ll kill you. You tried to kill me!” Lizzy rolls to the side and plunges the ice pick into his heart. Rico gasps and crumples to the ground.

“I did kill you …” Lizzy stands. “And you deserved it.” She spite on his body and walked away.

The End

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