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The Darkest Room

memories gather like clustered clouds

and the air seeps from the tighten skull

before the hammer breaks the hateful shell

drowning out the monotonic whispers with a bang

before freedom leaks thick and red

seeping like moted sun into the darkest room

All rights reserved ©2016

their beauty shone like diamonds

flickering arches

twisted and raging against the light

falling like comets

blazing against the velvet night

cursing in a voice

as loud and ominous as thunder

their loss of heaven

all rights reserved©2016


noomi 1

She moves like the jagged wind

cracked and dried like peeled paint

moving with her ghastly grace

her feet barely catch the rotting floor

swaying to the sharp sounds

that pierce the falling night


all rights reserved©2016
illustrations reserved©2016



Blue steel cuts the lies loose

From soft lips that whispers

A venomous song

As innocently as a child

With clear eyes that did not lie











All rights reserved©2016
Illustration©BlueSteel 2016



The son that was too bold to be good

With stiff knees that would not bend

Away, rejected by thine light

Cast forever to the dark

With mournful eyes

Looking to the murky sky

And cry

Hear me!

 I am my father’s son!

He who would not know his place

He who would rather rule, then serve

I am my father’s son!

My vengeance remains whole

Shining as bright as your December star

And as the light fades into the dark

They will feel my pain

As long as humanity remains

They will feel my pain.



Mephistopheles illustration All rights reserved ©2016 L.Wilson
Mephistopheles text All rights reserved©2016 L.Wilson







Alone amongst the crowded few

I brace against the tidal waves

Gathering ancestral strength

To withstand the callous barbs

Facing the never ending barrage

Bending, but never breaking

Pelted with  belligerence

Cursed to existence

I wait for my joyous ride into the light.







All rights reserved©2016











Night time



I hear them

In the gentle hours of the morning whispering

Write it now.


I say tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow.

They gather, clamoring, and shouting

Write it now! Write it now!


I say tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow

They push and shove, demanding me too …

Write it now! Write it now! Write it now!


I say tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow.

As the sun slowly replaces the moon in the sky, and dusk turns into day

They whisper triumphantly, today is tomorrow so…

Write it now!




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All rights Reserved©2016

The Storm


Quiet the storm

That rages beneath the placid skies

Calm the flickering flames of sorrows past

Give them peace, the troubled souls

And let mend their broken hearts






All rights Reserved©2016
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Last night I went on Amazon searching for new authors to read and what I found was a little disheartening. After about thirty minutes of wading through samples of stories that might have been better served being rewritten or edited, I gave up. This isn’t the first time I have had this experience. Please don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of very good writers coming out, and for the most part my experiences have been good, I just think that there should be some sort of quality filter that one must go through in order to post to some of these self-publishing sites.

The urge to publish and be read can sometimes hurt the quality of the product that is flooding the market.  Trust me, I’m not throwing stones at anyone I’m sure I’m guilty of this as well. I understand the unstoppable urge to put something before it Is ready. I think it taints the industry as a whole and makes it harder for those who are serious about writing to be taken seriously.

Taken as a whole I believe self-publishing one’s own work is a good thing; it allows some very talented writers to be read that might not have had the opportunity otherwise. Self-publishing gives the writer more control and is virtually free to do which are good things. The flip side of that is the lack of quality control, which means almost anyone with a computer can write and publish their own work, rather it be good or bad and this of course floods the market making it harder to find talented writers to read. Yesterday, as I searched I read a lot of samples that looked like first drafts.

I honestly think that there should be a threshold that needs to be met. I’m talking about a review board not there to reject works, but to enhance and offer support. Most of the samples weren’t bad they just seemed rushed. Let me reiterate, I think self-publishing Is a great opportunity for writers, but I do think that there should be a minimum threshold that should be met before anything goes to the market. Do you agree or disagree? Let me know what you think.


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