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the smiths


What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that

Interesting is how they described her face

Sharp jaw and high cheek boned

Eyes the color of melting caramel

Hair shades of light and dark brown

Windblown and tussled around her elfin face

She wasn’t beautiful, so they say

Not in the conventional way, anyway

It lay behind her narrow brown specks

Hidden behind her broad red smile

Between her light and dark moods

What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that.


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Illustration© All Rights Reserved 2016

Not Love


Tenderness Away

Was Innocence’s

An Idiots idea






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Illustration Copyright Reserved©2015

pouring wine

Fear of the pint

Lengthened by fear

The fury rattled loudly

On Old Taylor Road





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I rise on this bitter morning

With burning eyes and a weary body

Pulling myself from the delicate warmth

That lay soft and beautiful behind me

What A tortures task it is to leave

The soft whispers of the intimate night

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For the unattainable

I fall, floating

Carried away

Like chimes on the wind

I’m carried home

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Strong and young was she

That rose quietly from the sea

That crashed down upon me

To sweep me away from thee

Emotions drowning I could not breathe

As I sunk into the deep

The greenish depth took held of me

Forever gone that’s what I’ll be

Adrift alone on the deep blue sea.

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