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A note to the Trump supporter




The day after has come America, and now we know the type of country we are

A nation exposed for all to see,

A façade, of righteousness and moral fortitude

Sullied by the indignation of the ignorant and the arrogant

Bold and brash, stripping away the faint illusion of graciousness

The false proclamation that all are created equal, and that we are all free

The nation has spoken make no mistake about it, and the world was listening

And the path that was chosen was the darkest.

We have chosen fear over hope.  Hate and bigotry over love and respect

We have turn back toward the past instead of forging ahead to a brighter future.

The day after has come America, and we are now a lesser nation today then we were yesterday.




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winter souls


Smiling zealots twisting faith

Hate is the foundation of

The evil horde of bland faces, winter souls

Wearing their self- righteous evil with honor

Lies and suppression are their tools

Fostering a system of inequality

Scheming against the light,

Darkening us all

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For the unattainable

I fall, floating

Carried away

Like chimes on the wind

I’m carried home

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Surviving America


If a young man can be murder in cold blood, and lets call it what it is MURDER, and no one is held accountable what’s next? The message is loud and clear, you don’t matter.

Your life is worth less, and you are on your own. Don’t expect the police to help,( They had to be forced to arrest the coward). Don’t expect the system to help you.

If buying candy and a soda is grounds for murder and not one soul has to pay what are we to think? I’m disgusted and ashamed by those people on they jury.

I’m not saying they had to max the coward out, but to say that he was innocent, that killing an unarmed young man with only a bag of candy in his hands is justified is an abomination.

I couldn’t believe my ears, for a minute I thought this is how it must have felt for blacks people back in 1950’s Mississippi, but here we are in 2013 and clearly nothing has changed.

Here is some food for thought the next time you see a young black man or spanish young man or any other young man of color with a pistol tucked in his belt, before you criticize him you might want to ask yourself… why?

Before you answer think about that over zealous trigger happy coward, who will be sleeping in his own bed tonight notching his pistol handle. Think about that clueless jury who allowed that young man’s death to be in vain.

Think about the message that every person of color received after that verdict. The message was sent and heard loud and clear going to the store for candy and a soda is justifiable grounds for some coward with a gun to murder you and as far as the system is concern…it okay.

So when you see that young man with his pistol tucked in his belt, the odds are it may not be to rob, but to survive.

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