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Is as happy as she could be

When rolling carelessly and free

On a rustic sea of gold and green

She’s barefaced and free

And wearing those faded jeans

She has a soulful stare and wind-blown hair

And lives her life without a care

She is as natural as the earth and sea

And when I’m with her I am Free

She is everything to me

My soul, my life

My dream



All rights Reserved 2014

Rhapsody in Blue


Majestic and strong
I saw

reckless without restraint
colors on a canvas

In Red’s yellows,and greens
Autumn, natures perfection

I must go
I must stand
I must walk

In the center
With Crisp fall mornings
Swirling around me

Lifting me up
Hand in hand
Carrying me away

Light as a feather
On notes of Gershwin’s
Rhapsody in Blue




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