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The thunderbolt strikes, Infecting my soul

Like venom coursing through my veins

Paralyzing me, Consuming me

Exploding into shimmering motes of light



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the smiths


What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that

Interesting is how they described her face

Sharp jaw and high cheek boned

Eyes the color of melting caramel

Hair shades of light and dark brown

Windblown and tussled around her elfin face

She wasn’t beautiful, so they say

Not in the conventional way, anyway

It lay behind her narrow brown specks

Hidden behind her broad red smile

Between her light and dark moods

What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that.


All Rights Reserved© 2016
Illustration© All Rights Reserved 2016





Where they are

Is where I need to be

Where the sun shines gold and high

Above the rising sea

To a distant shore

Where dreams are not dreams

So far away

Among the shimmering gold

Of tomorrows light

For a little while





Text copyright©2015 by Lucius Wilson
Illustrations copyright© Lucius Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

The Kiss.jpg


I will come whichever way I can,

Driven by hope, by desire, and by fate

To see you, to touch you, to love you

 I will come

Whichever way I can,

I will come.


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My tawny sweet that besieged my soul

Shattering like glass my iron will

I kneel before thou shining grace

A lamb set to slaughter

I offer all that I am

Take me or doom me forever lost

I am yours.

All Rights Reserved 2015© L. Wilson


I rise on this bitter morning

With burning eyes and a weary body

Pulling myself from the delicate warmth

That lay soft and beautiful behind me

What A tortures task it is to leave

The soft whispers of the intimate night

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Brooding, beauty

Bright and new

Imported vessal

worshipped and adored

The artist

My lover

Dark eyes

Stare back at me

Distant and cold

Imprinted on my soul




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