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The Reckoning


His nephew died too soon

He didn’t cry at the funeral

Mother’s eyes are burn through me

Sister’s crying and she can’t speak

Another murder on these cold streets

The skies are grey this life is real bleak

Heart is hard the families looking to me

Another senseless crime another mother weeps

He’s got a demon buried real deep

It’s climbing out the more he drinks

When it finds the top it’s going to be bad

It’s bringing Armageddon in its bloody hands

This world can turn the good bad

Will put a Sledge hammer in the wrong hands

Clouds are gathering over seas

The reckonings coming, the reckoning is free

All Rights Reserved©2014

I walk alone

As the sun climbs

So shall I fall

I walk alone

Into the eternal night

Beyond  grace

A condemned soul

Lost to the shadows

Frozen in time the beauty to behold

As silent as the night I come

I walk alone


All Rights Reserved ©2014