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their beauty shone like diamonds

flickering arches

twisted and raging against the light

falling like comets

blazing against the velvet night

cursing in a voice

as loud and ominous as thunder

their loss of heaven

all rights reserved©2016


The burning sun bores a hole through me

I surrendering to fate and fall to my knees

I close my eyes as darkness swallows me

Merciful death I pray come and claim me


Between life and death I hang suspended and free

The black moon sky come and covers me

The sweltering heat purifies me

Her angle’s eyes look right through me


Without a word she speaks to me

Her smoothing pain is comforting me

So beautiful and dark she sings to me

The songs of night lay claim to me


The black moon sky hangs over me

The wondrous night falls down upon me

Reborn to life she finally see

Her blood is the life and now she’s free

All Rights Reserved©2015



A memory faded


Becoming shades of Gray


Trapped in a vacuum


Neither here nor there


A wanderer, wandering


From place to empty space


A spectator to life


Watching from the other side of the glass.




All Rights Reserved©2014