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ice melting

as time spins

days meld into and nights

evenings are monolithic blocks

heavy, dark times frozen

somewhere in the in between


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their beauty shone like diamonds

flickering arches

twisted and raging against the light

falling like comets

blazing against the velvet night

cursing in a voice

as loud and ominous as thunder

their loss of heaven

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The son that was too bold to be good

With stiff knees that would not bend

Away, rejected by thine light

Cast forever to the dark

With mournful eyes

Looking to the murky sky

And cry

Hear me!

 I am my father’s son!

He who would not know his place

He who would rather rule, then serve

I am my father’s son!

My vengeance remains whole

Shining as bright as your December star

And as the light fades into the dark

They will feel my pain

As long as humanity remains

They will feel my pain.



Mephistopheles illustration All rights reserved ©2016 L.Wilson
Mephistopheles text All rights reserved©2016 L.Wilson




Tainted Soul




We are the stain

Spreading slow

Rolling black,

The heaviness of deeds

Grinding, metal upon metal

Until we are nothing but tainted souls,

Specters, fading into the murky night



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 Rising memories fading with  light

 A stranger in tomorrow’s night

Thundering pain in my head

A wicked beast, so vicious and dead

The carnal glazes that covers me

What  tangled web of lust we weave

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Not Love


Tenderness Away

Was Innocence’s

An Idiots idea






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pouring wine

Fear of the pint

Lengthened by fear

The fury rattled loudly

On Old Taylor Road





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Darkness Falls 2


Sweet darkness

Please wait for me


Oh darkness

Don’t set me free

The sun

Shines high

That deadly heat


Oh darkness

Won’t you come protect me


Cold darkness

Don’t hide from me


Sweet darkness

Please don’t forsake me

The Sun

It’s deadly light

It threatens me


Oh darkness

Come rescue me

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Pale light shine down on me
silent nights that swallow me
That milky light so heavenly
Autumn moon shine down on me

A path for fools I follow free
A broken man who could not see
A quiet voice she whispered sweet
God help the fool that follows me

The night was cold and oh so bleak
Burning hot she lay next to me
The end was near I could not see
Another night I would not reach

With shaded eyes I could not see
The monster laying next to me
Whispering songs of no retreat
Death so sweet had come for me






Chips away at my sanity

Eating tiny bites

Minute by minute

Hour after hour

Until there is nothing left

An unrelenting battering ram

Pummeling me into submission


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