The trend of teenagers sexting, sending nude pictures of themselves, and hooking up for causal sex seems to be on the rise. Why that is, I can only venture to guess.

I believe with most teens having their own cell phones, and computers it’s just easier to do and get away with. Another reason could be the bad economy. Parents are working longer hours to    try to make ends meet leaving these teens to their own devices.

Another reason could simple be peer pressure from a boyfriend or girl friend. For whatever reason teen sexting and causally hooking up seems to be on the rise. The perils of these activities seems to elude them. They don’t seem to grasp the seriousness and potential danger sexting and causal hooking up can be ,particularly for young women. Aside from the un wanted pregnancies, there’s the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, rape, kidnapping, and in some cases even murder.

The results of a teen sexting and causally hooking up potentially has the power to causes serious problems later in life for some of these teens, with relationships, family, and in some cases potential employers.I think we as a society can start to discuss this growing problem by providing these teens information about the dangers of causal sex and sexting. It may not solve the problem but it’s a start.

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