ImageThese two sculptors are dissimilar in almost every way. From the method from which they were formed to there colors. Black Cat is full- round three-dimensional piece meant to be view from any angle. Black Cat also has a smooth texture where Brass Cat’s texture appears to be a rougher.

Black Cat’s artist has chosen not to represent the form of the cat in a realistic way, although the sculpture clearly has some cat-like features, the ears, the eyes, etc, the over all results seems to be to catch the essence of the cat more so then a true representation of one.

Sitting on a pedestal, Black Cat has no visible limbs, and denotes a seriousness; which is in direct contrast to Brass Cat’s posturing.

Brass cat on the other hand has an air of playfulness. This Linear piece is a more realistic representation of the form of a cat. The wires from which it is formed seem light and pliable.

The positioning of the limps spread out in a playful position as if the kitten is ready to pounce at any moment is a direct contradiction to the stoicism of Black Cat.

Although they are both cat sculptures the feel of the two pieces could not be more different. Where as with Brass Cat you might get the feeling that it is okay to touch it or be close to it Black Cat gives off a more formal feel like it should be viewed from a distance or from behind glass.





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