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The Rain 1


I remember standing in the rain watching you cry behind the glass helpless, powerless, I could only watch as the curtain fell and I was alone Cold and wet I stood on your front porch listening to the muffled cries Our night was over. The hours until I could see you again laid before me like cold black miles I had never felt so alone, so removed from the world, Separated from my only purpose, my reason for being

I thought of you crying, knotted into the fetal position on your bed I could almost see you there with your cherry blossoms cheeks and sad determined eyes whispering how one day we would run away and never come back how we would find some far away land and spend our days playing backgammon and making love I thought of you standing behind the foggy glass helpless, powerless, as the curtain fell

I thought of you as the rain suddenly stopped and the sky opened wide and black above me I thought of you as the clouds spread and the stars sprinkled the sky and the moon glowed like the sun so many rainy nights have come and gone and I think of us now so many years later standing together behind the glass watching as the silvery sheets of rain fall and gather into deep dark puddles near our home Then I hear the tea kettle whistling high and sharp calling from our kitchen and I hear your voice calling me for tea and I drop the curtain and go inside.

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the smiths


What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that

Interesting is how they described her face

Sharp jaw and high cheek boned

Eyes the color of melting caramel

Hair shades of light and dark brown

Windblown and tussled around her elfin face

She wasn’t beautiful, so they say

Not in the conventional way, anyway

It lay behind her narrow brown specks

Hidden behind her broad red smile

Between her light and dark moods

What is beauty anyway

Whatever it is, she certainly isn’t that.


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Illustration© All Rights Reserved 2016





Where they are

Is where I need to be

Where the sun shines gold and high

Above the rising sea

To a distant shore

Where dreams are not dreams

So far away

Among the shimmering gold

Of tomorrows light

For a little while





Text copyright©2015 by Lucius Wilson
Illustrations copyright© Lucius Wilson. All Rights Reserved.



Few could know the darkest hour

That comes into the light

Exposing the gray mood

That hides its purpose from the hearts that turned

The world into a place that would not love.


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My tawny sweet that besieged my soul

Shattering like glass my iron will

I kneel before thou shining grace

A lamb set to slaughter

I offer all that I am

Take me or doom me forever lost

I am yours.

All Rights Reserved 2015© L. Wilson

The burning sun bores a hole through me

I surrendering to fate and fall to my knees

I close my eyes as darkness swallows me

Merciful death I pray come and claim me


Between life and death I hang suspended and free

The black moon sky come and covers me

The sweltering heat purifies me

Her angle’s eyes look right through me


Without a word she speaks to me

Her smoothing pain is comforting me

So beautiful and dark she sings to me

The songs of night lay claim to me


The black moon sky hangs over me

The wondrous night falls down upon me

Reborn to life she finally see

Her blood is the life and now she’s free

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From time to time

But only when the wind chimes

I know she’s still here

Translucent and fair

With coal-black hair

I know she’s still here

Watching my every move

Rather I win or lose,

I know she’s still here

Alone on a dark wet road

A car took her body

The lord took her soul

But I know she’s still here



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