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Pale light shine down on me
silent nights that swallow me
That milky light so heavenly
Autumn moon shine down on me

A path for fools I follow free
A broken man who could not see
A quiet voice she whispered sweet
God help the fool that follows me

The night was cold and oh so bleak
Burning hot she lay next to me
The end was near I could not see
Another night I would not reach

With shaded eyes I could not see
The monster laying next to me
Whispering songs of no retreat
Death so sweet had come for me




The whispers

began before my birth

I know that you were there

Light and wispy on the wind

I hear your

Ghostly voices in the night

When I am alone

I feel your essence,

My touch stones

Comforting and warm

Sweet and fleeting,

I feel your collective strengths

Whispering from beyond

I hear you,

I hear you

Watching, and patiently waiting

I hear your Laughter

A summer’s breeze holding me

You are here

bursting forth like the sun

Warming me

Our eyes have never met

But I know that you are here.





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An ocean in a glass

Runs over splashing

On to a dusty floor

Rolling, seeping,


Into the cracks below 


Distant footsteps

In the dark leaving me alone

To ponder what was,

And never will be

Loves phantom haunting by day


Torturing by night,

Whispers on a wind

Teasing and calling

A ghostly glimpse

A mirage evaporating and





Into The Cream


Escape into the cream

White waves bubbling

Thrashing over moist stones

Skies reflecting in clear waters

slight mist on sun-kissed skin

Waking and nourishing the soul

Distant melancholy voices

humming mournfully as

The orange sun descends

Replaced by the glowing moon

Rays sparking like diamonds

Dancing joyful and alive

On black waters



All Rights Reserved©2013


It happened gradually

I’m not sure when it began

but before I knew it

I loved you



All Rights Reserved©2013