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Bending knees can’t help him now

Been wrong too long the seal is broken now

The sky is melting the world is burning down


A praying fool with no way out.

I see the child; I hear them cry without sound

Bending knees, cannot help him now


The night has come, too late for praying now

Nor God or Angel will help him now.

I see the men; I hear him crying loud


Done seen too much, too late to turn back now

With blood stained lips I’ve seen him kiss the child

Bending knees, cannot help him now


The dark is light I’ve seen him hurt the child

I’ve seen the beast, you need to hear me now

I see the man; I hear him crying loud


The price is high, it’s time to pay it now

The noose is tight, so let it catch him now

A swinging man he went without a sound

Bending knees, cannot help him now









Darkness Falls 2


Sweet darkness

Please wait for me


Oh darkness

Don’t set me free

The sun

Shines high

That deadly heat


Oh darkness

Won’t you come protect me


Cold darkness

Don’t hide from me


Sweet darkness

Please don’t forsake me

The Sun

It’s deadly light

It threatens me


Oh darkness

Come rescue me

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