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pouring wine

Fear of the pint

Lengthened by fear

The fury rattled loudly

On Old Taylor Road





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The corn cob man

Strange and aloof

Was the misconception

To hide his contempt




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On the edge

She did

Blot out the light

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The Face

Angel Faces

Her face

Rose the day

Translucent against

The alabaster sky

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Face Down


Face down

Is what it feels like

No turning back

In her minds eyes

The flickering light stops

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The end comes to us all

Without a goodbye or fare thee well

We are gone into the mist

Clouds fading into the sun

Forever gone, forever missed

We go on because we must

Weary and tire with the hope

That one glorious day we shall meet again

In some faraway place beyond the plains of life

Until then I wait, Goodbye sister

Until we meet again

Your brother.

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My sister changes her Facebook profile picture every few days sometimes every few hours. It annoys me for some reason I don’t really know why, but it does.

I’ve tried to hide it from my Facebook wall or whatever they call it. I’ve done everything short of unfriending her. Finally, I had, had enough and I asked her why she did it.

I don’t know if it was my tone or how I phrased the question. Nonetheless she was offended and now she doesn’t talk to me anymore. She doesn’t accept my calls, and now she has even unfriended me on Facebook. Now, I can’t see her profile pictures anymore, I miss them.

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The burning sun bores a hole through me

I surrendering to fate and fall to my knees

I close my eyes as darkness swallows me

Merciful death I pray come and claim me


Between life and death I hang suspended and free

The black moon sky come and covers me

The sweltering heat purifies me

Her angle’s eyes look right through me


Without a word she speaks to me

Her smoothing pain is comforting me

So beautiful and dark she sings to me

The songs of night lay claim to me


The black moon sky hangs over me

The wondrous night falls down upon me

Reborn to life she finally see

Her blood is the life and now she’s free

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I live on the top floor with a view

High above in a quiet space

Alone with the whispering sounds

Pushing, pulling, and taunting

Sweet with tight dark skin

Round and soft to the touch,

 A real treat, the black bird

Devoured, and tosses away

Head over feet, free falling

Over the grated gate

Goodbye top floor with a view

Speak loudly whispering voice

So that I might hear you

Goodbye quiet space

I will make the sound

Goodbye world

 I hit the ground

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Wine Flow

pouring wine

My baby loves her wine It makes her feel right

Red or white it doesn’t matter because it’s All Right

She woke this morning and didn’t feel right

Head pounding, vision blurred, it was a good night

I love my baby but she can’t see

Past her wine consumption it’s a bad scene

Twelve o’clock in the morning and she ready to go

Pop the cork, tilt the bottle and let the wine flow

My baby loves her wine it makes her feel right

Red or white wine doesn’t matter because it’s All Right

I won’t judge her I can’t judge her When it goes to her head

I can’t judge her, I won’t judge her I’ll just put her to bed

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