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their beauty shone like diamonds

flickering arches

twisted and raging against the light

falling like comets

blazing against the velvet night

cursing in a voice

as loud and ominous as thunder

their loss of heaven

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The son that was too bold to be good

With stiff knees that would not bend

Away, rejected by thine light

Cast forever to the dark

With mournful eyes

Looking to the murky sky

And cry

Hear me!

 I am my father’s son!

He who would not know his place

He who would rather rule, then serve

I am my father’s son!

My vengeance remains whole

Shining as bright as your December star

And as the light fades into the dark

They will feel my pain

As long as humanity remains

They will feel my pain.



Mephistopheles illustration All rights reserved ©2016 L.Wilson
Mephistopheles text All rights reserved©2016 L.Wilson






I feel it in my spirit,

My humanity slipping away

The walls are closing around me

They get closer everyday

I’m hanging on to my spirit

As it desperately pulls away

Darkness closes around me

As my goodness fades away.

Alone on a dusty highway,

I sit here by myself

Hoping the light will find me

Despite the cards I’ve been dealt

Cracking earth beneath me,

My spirit cannot be found

Burning skies above me,

I feel the heat rising now

Waiting for an answer

For the weight of all my sins

Darkness closes around me

My life has done me in.

I’ve finally found my spirit

It hides in the darkest place

I pray the redeemer will find me,

But I’m afraid it might be too late.

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